About us

The Central Bucks Education Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We are a fundraising and community connections partner for the Central Bucks School District and its 23 schools.

Fundraising includes a mix of grassroots efforts, community partnerships and long-range capital campaigns.

Our Purpose

The Foundation is organized for you! To enrich the educational experiences of our students, we help fund projects created and inspired by the dedicated educators of the Central Bucks School District through corporate and individual partnerships. 

Our Vision

To inspire excellence and innovation within the Central Bucks School District.

Our Mission

To provide access to resources and create opportunities that enrich the teaching and learning experience in Central Bucks School District through community partnerships and supplemental funding.

Our Belief

Innovation and creativity inspire excitement in learning.

How The CB Education Foundation Makes An Impact

Our goal is to enrich the educational experiences of students in the Central Bucks School District and support innovative learning opportunities. This is made possible through the exceptional generosity of our community and local businesses.

Through strategic collaboration with Central Bucks School District educators, we strive to increase the number of learning and growth opportunities available to our K-12 students.

We want to help fund transformative programs like these!

Innovative and Creative Learning

• Specialized student experiential programs
• STEAM labs
• Robotic kits
• Field trips

Inspiring Future Success

• Local business collaborations
• Leadership or entrepreneurship programs
• Professional speaker series or events

Supportive Student Resources

• School-based therapy or social services programs
• Holistic health and wellness workshops
• Health and mindfulness app access


• Personalized learning support focus
• Use of technology in teaching and learning
• Teacher and staff training opportunities

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