General Guidelines

The Central Bucks School District Education Foundation seeks to fund innovative projects/programs that inspire excellence and innovation for students in the Central Bucks School District. CBSDEF values projects that enhance the CBSD curriculum and positively impact students, encouraging a lifelong love of learning.  

Our mission is to provide access and create opportunities that enrich the teaching and learning experience through community partnerships and supplemental funding. 

In the Fall of 2024, we will begin accepting applications for educational programs that demonstrate the following:

  • Innovation and creativity in learning 
  • Supporting the overall health and well-being of students and staff
  • Resources to help each student reach their highest potential
  • Preparatory success measures for post-graduates

General Guidelines:

The grant review application cycle will open in the Fall of 2024 Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Grant Review Committee, with final approval by Education Foundation Board members.

Grantees can expect an immediate confirmation on their application with a final decision communicated to them after the round of grant reviews has closed. 

Once a grant is awarded, the recipient is expected to provide regular reports and updates to CBSDEF on the program and educational impact of the activity. This will be explained in more detail before the project/program begins.

In order to be considered for funding, all applicants must complete the application form, proposal and budget and have their proposal signed by their principal.

Where applicable, grantees will be asked to share any photos or videos to be promoted on the CBSDEF website and social media accounts.

Please send the completed and signed application to: jackie@cbeducationfoundation.orgalong with additional questions or concerns about the application process.

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